Light Gantry Crane Features And Their Many Applications

Are you in the market for a brand-new gantry crane that you can use at your place of business? Light gantry cranes are often utilized by those that have smaller businesses. You could have a shop where you are lifting objects that are a couple thousand pounds, or you might also use these outdoors. Some of these will be mobile, whereas others will be stationary, connected to the ground or your building in some way. If you do not need to lift 50 tons or more, you would probably do well with a light gantry crane. There are many applications that they can be used for, and you also need to know the specs on each one so that you can purchase the best gantry crane for your business. In addition, you need to know the manufacturer of the crane (Производитель WEIHUA), as this is an important step to ensure that you buy the crane correctly.

Light Gantry Crane in China
Light Gantry Crane

Specs On Light Gantry Cranes

The parameters of these gantry cranes are very minimal by comparison to some of the larger ones that are sold. They have a lifting height of usually no more than 8 m and a loading capacity of just a few tons. They are designed to provide you with exceptional stability, even if they have rollers. The wheels are easy to lock, so that once you are ready to move something, it will be completely stable until you have completed lifting and moving any object.

What Are The Main Applications Of Using These Gantry Cranes

The main applications for these gantry cranes typically pertains to whatever industry you are in. For example, if you are offering services as an auto mechanic, these are typically used to lift engines. If you are in a warehouse, and there are multiple pallets of material, they can lift these instead of having to find a forklift. What they are used for is always going to be determined by your industry and the type of business you are operating.

Single girder gantry crane
Manufacturer of the gantry crane

Where To Locate Affordable Gantry Cranes That Are This Size

Gantry cranes that are this small can be obtained from many different sources. They are ordered in higher quantities than the larger units. For example, there will only be a few orders for large cantilever gantry cranes, those that are used at shipping yards or docks. Conversely, there are thousands of smaller businesses, many of which can benefit from lifting smaller pallets and containers, all of which can be handled by these smaller gantry cranes that are available in many countries.

You should start to look for these gantry cranes in countries like China where they mass-produce these every day. If you have not found one yet, you need to keep searching online until you find a couple companies that have them or click on this link:, there are all kinds of gantry cranes inside. By speaking with representatives of each business, and telling them what industry you are in, they can recommend one of these cranes for you. If you would like to order one today, simply find a reliable company that can provide you with a light gantry crane that will be in your price range and will be large enough to handle all of the products that go through your company.